Alright its Christmas day in 2018, this is our first post and man do I have a treat for you.I am about to officially announce the most odecious prize for the winner of The Royale Exclusive 19/20. The Royale is a concept that has the potential to really change the way many youths look at the world of fantasy especially on the basis of social interaction in a digital world. The Exclusive will serve to entertain and enhance our audience with great action through out the fantasy season. Ok so we done with the technicalities ok back to the cookie jar.yeah let’s go to America; to the Super Bowl and You have just won your self a (drum roll) CHAMPIONSHIP RING! DING DING DING!! Great right, you ecstatically calm & happy as fuck…what could be better than that? Well The Royale is better. The Royale Exclusive Limited Line of Watches. YES!! The winner gets a Championship Royale Exclusive Limited Edition WATCH!! whaaaaaaaat?? Yes guys. Now what’s really interesting about this watch is it doesn’t exist yet and that brings me to my ultimate goal of this blog post (our first) and it is this; I live by a 1000 word pairs combination of words and one pair is Ambition/Corners and with these two I aim to bring fourth (educo/induce) this winning prize in time and in its exclusivity and my hope is that my believe & Trust in God that all will run smoothly and I will meet the people And processes to make that happen than I hope that will induce the ambition in you my brothers and sisters from all corners of Africa. Welcome to the Royale Exclusive